Willett upset by brother’s ‘imbecile’ rant over US fans

Danny Willett

Masters champion Willett has been autographing merchandise for fans alongside his European team-mates

Europe’s Danny Willett is said to be “bitterly disappointed” with an article written by his brother which calls American Ryder Cup fans “imbeciles”.

Schoolteacher Peter Willett wrote the piece for a golf magazine, offering his thoughts on what each side needs to do to win at Hazeltine.

“The Americans need their baying mob of imbeciles to caress their egos every step of the way,” he wrote.

“Team Europe needs to shut those groupies up.”

The article, published in National Club Golfer magazine, goes on to say Europe’s golfers need to “silence the pudgy, basement-dwelling irritants” and “smash the obnoxious dads, with their shiny teeth, Lego man hair, medicated ex-wives and resentful children”.

Peter Willett, who shot to prominence for his posts on social media during Danny’s Masters triumph, goes on to say: “If these things happen, Europe will win, and I’ll try to support gracefully by embracing the same sense of fair-mindedness that has permeated this unbiased article.

“If not, the Americans will claim their second victory this century” and further insulted them by calling them “fat, stupid, greedy and classless”.

Europe captain Darren Clarke said: “I showed it to Danny and he’s bitterly disappointed in his brother’s article.

“It is not what Danny thinks. It is not what I think. It is not what Team Europe stands for.

“Danny was unaware of it and he fully intends to speak to his brother, express his displeasure to his brother about it.

“I was obviously very disappointed in it, as well, because that’s an outside person expressing their opinion, which is not representative of what our thoughts are.”

US captain Davis Love said he had resisted the temptation to read the article, adding: “If I read it, I’m just going to get mad. If I read it, I’m just going to get defensive. So I just try to ignore it.”


BBC Sport golf correspondent Iain Carter

While PJ Willett’s article was largely tongue in cheek it was also inadvisable. Clarke is justifiably disappointed, no captain wants to be put on the back foot in the days leading up to the match.

It is important for away teams to make friends with home crowds and this does not help. It also means that Danny Willett will be preparing for his Ryder Cup debut surrounded by unwanted headlines.

Regardless of how the fans react, the Masters champion will do well to avoid being unsettled by this episode.

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