Visa relaxation for Chinese visitors to Japan to take effect Oct. 17

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13:59 27 September 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 27, Kyodo

Japan’s previously announced plan to relax visa rules for Chinese visitors, aimed partially at increasing the number of repeat arrivals, will take effect on Oct. 17, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Under the new rules, multi-entry visas for short-term stays with business purposes or by cultural figures and intellectuals will be good for up to 10 years, rather than up to five years currently.

In addition, the students, graduate students and alumni of state-run universities can now submit a certificate of student status or graduation to apply for a single-entry visa instead of a document confirming their financial capability.

The relaxation of visa requirements, announced in April, is meant to further advance people-to-people exchanges with China, enhance convenience in business activities and increase the number of repeat visitors and young visitors, according to the ministry.