UPDATE3: Strong gale hits nearby Tokyo, disrupts traffic, causes injuries

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20:56 22 Aug 2016

TOKYO, Aug. 22, Kyodo

Powerful Typhoon Mindulle done landfall Monday circuitously a Japanese capital, bringing torrential sleet and clever winds to a Tokyo civil area and circuitously closeness — disrupting air, railway and sea trade and causing during slightest 20 injuries.

More than 500 flights mostly to and from Tokyo’s Haneda airfield were canceled, inspiring during slightest 73,000 people, while sight services were also behind or canceled opposite a Kanto segment in eastern and and Tohoku in northeastern Japan.

A 58-year-old lady was swept divided by inundate waters while on a highway in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, military said. She after died in hospital.

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  • Strong gale creates landfall circuitously Tokyo
  • Strong gale creates landfall circuitously Tokyo
  • Train derailed following landslide in western Tokyo

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