UPDATE2: Sumo: Hakuho to lay out Autumn tourney due to injuries

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20:31 8 Sep 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 8, Kyodo

Yokozuna Hakuho pronounced Thursday he will lay out a whole Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament starting Sunday during Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo as he needs 4 weeks to helper his injuries.

This is a fourth time for a 31-year-old Mongolian grand champion to skip all or partial of a tourney, a initial given final year’s Autumn accommodate when he withdrew from a third day. It will be a initial time he misses an whole contest given a 2006 Kyushu tourney, when he was an ozeki.

“I’m contemptible to a fans,” Hakuho said. “I wish to work on recovering in time for a autumn informal debate and a Kyushu basho (in November).”

Hakuho, who headed into a Nagoya tourney in Jul seeking a record-extending 38th championship, staid for a 10-5 record after he harm his right large toe. He also gifted repeated pain in his left knee during a summer informal debate by a finish of August.

“I had flesh spasms from my right large toe adult to my calf (after a rankings were announced in late August),” he said. “It was a kind of pain we had not felt before. we had pain in my left knee during a debate though had it strapped.”

“Injuries come with pain other people can’t realize.”

Hakuho pronounced his avocation as a yokozuna had him acid for some slim possibility of creation a tourney, all a while feeling that age competence be holding a toll.

“I wanted to accommodate expectations. When all wrestlers were training tough forward of a tourney, we felt we had to recuperate. You need to desert something or scapegoat something if we are to conflict on, and we might have reached that indicate this time.”

“I’ve been doing what we suspicion I’d need (to say fitness), though there are things we feel are apropos opposite compared to when we was in my 20s.”

Fans approaching Hakuho to be a primary barrier in ozeki Kisenosato’s bid to turn initial Japanese-born yokozuna given 1998 — with an Autumn tourney pretension expected compulsory for his promotion. But Hakuho is wishing his long-time opposition good luck.

“Things like these can’t be helped,” he said. “I’d like him to squeeze a chance. I’m not fighting him this time and would like to join in ancillary him (for promotion).”

Hakuho stays 3 wins bashful of apropos a third sumo wrestler in story with 1,000 victories.


  • Hakuho to lay out Autumn tourney due to injuries

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