UPDATE2: Asian Games: Nagoya reconsidering bid to co-host 2026 with Aichi Pref.

Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura pronounced Monday a executive Japanese city is reconsidering a devise to join a Aichi prefectural supervision in a bid to horde a 2026 Asian Games.

Nagoya, a prefectural collateral of Aichi, had announced in May that it will find to horde Asia’s largest multisport eventuality together with a prefectural government.

According to Kawamura, a city had estimated a sum costs of hosting a Asian Summer Games, including scheming a venues and a athletes’ village, to come to 85 billion yen (about $820 million) and asked Aichi Prefecture to prove a weight ratio.

But a prefecture responded in late Aug that it can't do so since it has not been means to come adult with minute cost estimates.

“I’m not changing my position (to recur a plan) during this impulse in time though I’m peaceful to discuss,” pronounced Kawamura after Aichi Gov. Hideaki Omura visited him for a half-an-hour talk.

Omura said, “I’ve conveyed a summary that a prefecture and a city will work toward jointly hosting a event.”

Kawamura pronounced progressing in a day a city supervision has sensitive a Japanese Olympic Committee that it intends to repel a candidacy, though remarkable that he would “respond sincerely” if a prefectural supervision approaches it again.

“The prefecture has not shown us what a required losses are so we can't give an reason to a residents and a city assembly,” Kawamura told an progressing press conference. “We wish to go behind to a sketch house in terms of a co-hosting plan.”

Omura told a apart news discussion that he is “puzzled” by a growth and pronounced a prefectural supervision will continue a behest activities underneath a grounds of corner hosting with Nagoya.

“We are following a procedures, so a horizon of co-hosting by a prefecture and a city can't be changed,” Omura said.

The administrator combined that it would be formidable to embody a financial devise and weight ratio in a request that a prefecture is formulation to benefaction shortly to a Olympic Council of Asia.

The OCA is approaching to select a horde of a 2026 Asian Games on Sept. 25 when a General Assembly meets in Danang, Vietnam.

An analysis cabinet of a OCA and JOC legalised a designed foe venues and other comforts in Nagoya and other tools of Aichi Prefecture in Jul and gave a high assessment.

If Aichi wins a bid to horde a 20th summer games, it will be a third time for a eventuality to be hold in Japan following Tokyo in 1958 and Hiroshima in 1994.


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