UPDATE1: Prosecutors dump rape charges opposite actor Takahata

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19:32 9 Sep 2016

MAEBASHI, Japan, Sept. 9, Kyodo

Prosecutors forsaken rape charges opposite an up-and-coming actor on Friday in a high-profile box that led to his famous singer mom tearfully apologizing to a open over a debate that engulfed her son.

The Maebashi District Public Prosecutors Office in Gunma Prefecture declined to exhibit a reason because it motionless to boot a box opposite Yuta Takahata, 22, who was arrested after being indicted of raping a womanlike worker of a hotel where he was staying in Maebashi on Aug. 23.

According to Takahata’s lawyer, a actor reached an agreement with a lady in her 40s to settle a box out of court. The counsel expelled a matter observant a box was “not of a iniquitous nature.”

After being taken into custody, military pronounced Takahata told investigators that “I could not enclose my passionate desires” after a plant had delivered a toothbrush to a room in that he was staying.

When expelled from military control on Friday, a immature actor, who came into a open eye after appearing in NHK’s play array “Mare” final year, bent deeply and told a watchful mob of media, “I am really sorry,” before being whisked away. The actor’s group after announced it would no longer paint Takahata.

His mother, Atsuko Takahata, 61, is a maestro singer and is scheduled to star in a theatre comedy called “Yukimaroge,” commencement after this month.


  • Prosecutors dump rape charges opposite actor Takahata

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