UPDATE1: Olympics: Probe group says payments over Tokyo bid legitimate

An inquisitive row pronounced Thursday a large contracts that Tokyo sealed with a Singaporean consultancy in a bid to horde a 2020 Olympics were not bootleg or opposite a ethics formula of a International Olympic Committee, dismissing allegations that a payments were bribes.

The row of dual lawyers and an accountant set adult by a Japanese Olympic Committee resolved in a news that a contracts value some-more than $2 million that Tokyo’s bid group sealed with Black Tidings before to winning a hosting in Sep 2013 were costly though a group had not dictated a income as a gift.

“I trust a guess of temptation by Tokyo has been cleared,” counsel Yoshihisa Hayakawa, who chaired a review panel, pronounced during a press discussion in Tokyo.

Black Tidings is headed by Ian Tan Tong Hon, who is famous to be tighten to Papa Massata Diack, son of ashamed former International Association of Athletics Federations President Lamine Diack.

The Tokyo team’s payments — some-more than double a normal figure — were suspected to have been destined toward a elder Diack, who as a member of a IOC during a time had a opinion in determining a horde city for a 2020 Games.

“We know zero nonetheless about a (money) upsurge after it got to Tan,” Hayakawa said. “Regrettably we couldn’t precisely figure out what it was used for.”

The news pronounced a JOC’s payments were legitimate as Tan was in a position to benefit entrance to tip information per a horde city bid and approved that a agreement yielded plain results.

It also resolved that a group had no believe of a organisation between Tan and a younger Diack, that a remuneration does not crack Japan’s rapist or polite codes and it is not in defilement of a IOC reliable code.

But it pronounced there was a problem with clarity in a procedures, observant that a bid team’s secretary ubiquitous and other officials who mostly acted on interest of afterwards group arch Tsunekazu Takeda did not entirely explain about a payments when seeking for his permission.

“I’m relieved that a formula are only as we expected,” pronounced Takeda, boss of a JOC. “None of us were meditative of enchanting in anything like bribery.”

Takeda emphasized that a contracts were required to win a bid to horde a Olympics and that there was zero wrong with profitable a large strait price following a success.

The row interviewed 34 people within and outward of Japan given a launch of a review in May though was incompetent to talk Tan.

The comment that perceived a income was used to send supports in a cover of a Russian doping case, according to a World Anti-Doping Agency, and French authorities have been conducting their possess review into either a income led to a elder Diack.


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