UPDATE1: Japan’s defense chief visits U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan

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14:19 23 August 2016

YOKOSUKA, Japan, Aug. 23, Kyodo

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada visited a U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Tuesday and boarded the U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, in a show of close ties between the defense allies amid China’s increasingly assertive maritime activities.

Before the visit, the new defense minister toured a Maritime Self-Defense Force base in the port city southwest of Tokyo, her first visit to a maritime force base since taking up her post about three weeks ago.

She inspected the 19,500-ton helicopter-carrier Izumo, the largest MSDF destroyer, and instructed MSDF personnel to do their utmost to conduct warning and surveillance duties.

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  • Inada tours MSDF base in Yokosuka