UPDATE1: Japan mulls scrapping Monju reactor, restart requires some-more money

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18:03 29 Aug 2016

TOKYO, Aug. 29, Kyodo

The Japanese supervision is deliberation scrapping a trouble-prone Monju fast-breeder reactor, sources tighten to a matter pronounced Monday, as a prospects are low that a new user can be found for a facility.

A domestic preference on decommissioning a initial reactor could be in sight, with Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga fasten talks to establish a predestine of Monju, that has a prolonged lane record of reserve problems, a sources said.

The intensity pierce to decommission a reactor could lead to a extreme examination of Japan’s chief fuel-recycle policy, in that Monju is designated to play a pivotal part.

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  • Gov't considers decommissioning Monju reactor in executive Japan

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