Top court to nix calls for stopping U.S. military flights at base

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13:23 17 September 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 17, Kyodo

The Supreme Court is likely to dismiss local residents’ calls for suspending flights of U.S. military aircraft at a base near Tokyo in a lawsuit filed against the government over noise, a source close to the matter said Saturday.

Supreme Court Justice Hiroshi Koike of the First Petty Bench is expected to hand down a ruling probably by the end of the year on a high court ruling that rejected the residents’ demand for a suspension of flights of U.S. military planes at Atsugi air base in Kanagawa Prefecture, the source said.

In July 2015, the Tokyo High Court upheld a lower court ruling that ordered the state to suspend nighttime and early morning flights by Self-Defense Forces aircraft at the base due to noise but dismissed the plaintiffs’ call to halt the flights of U.S. military planes, saying the Japanese government has no jurisdiction over the matter.

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