Sumo: Yokozuna-chasing Kisenosato falls to startle better on 1st day

Ozeki Kisenosato’s bid to strech a top arrange of yokozuna is already in danger after a initial day of a Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament, descending to top-ranked maegashira Okinoumi on Sunday, when yokozuna Kakuryu also suffered defeat.

Kisenosato, behest for a fourth time to acquire graduation to yokozuna, has been tasked by a Yokozuna Deliberation Council with seizing an fugitive initial championship. He entered a 15-day contest with rather brighter hopes after yokozuna Hakuho, who has won a record 37 titles, pulled out with injuries.

But after carrying wrapped adult Okinoumi’s torso with both arms and pushing him to a straw bales, Kisenosato surrendered a organisation left-hand reason on a behind of his mawashi. Okinoumi fast spun a ozeki around to fastener him out for a overwhelming improved during Ryogoku Kokugikan.

“I don’t remember most with a first-day nervousness, though it’s zero some-more than a initial win of a meet,” pronounced Okinoumi after his third win opposite Kisenosato in 19 tries. “They (the outrageous cheers) competence have done a ozeki nervous.”

Kisenosato also mislaid a opening hitch in his second try during yokozuna graduation in Jan 2014, and finished that contest with a 7-8 record.

In a subsequent bout, Mongolian yokozuna Kakuryu, who missed a infancy of a Nagoya tourney in Jul with reduce behind pain, was sent make-up by komusubi Tochiozan, who evened his career record opposite a yokozuna during 21-21.

Just like Kisenosato, Kakuryu was on a front during a start though did not have a vitality to take it all a approach opposite Tochiozan, who looked gentle fending off a assign from yokozuna and simply countered to lift out a yokozuna perplexing a lift down.

But Nagoya tourney champion and yokozuna Harumafuji, seeking his initial back-to-back titles as a yokozuna and make it 9 overall, had no issues dispatching komusubi Kaisei.

Harumafuji done it 15-0 opposite a Brazilian after simply reaching to a front side of a belt and dire Kaisei’s neck with his right palm to leave his competition no possibility of a comeback.

Ozeki Kotoshogiku, who has his arrange on a line for a sixth time, with a winning record here a contingency to stay on, authorised Shodai a right-hand reason of his mawashi belt though used his torso and perfect energy to force out a second-ranked maegashira with a heading grapple.

Goeido, another “kadoban” ozeki, had a reduction convincing tour opposite Georgian Tochinoshin as a wrestlers had both their hands on a other’s belt, though Goeido’s quick footwork valid a disproportion as he changed around to vanquish a second-ranked maegashira out of a ring.

But Terunofuji, who has been struggling with injuries to both knees in new tourneys, fell to livewire Yoshikaze. The Mongolian had a improved of a initial charge, though a No. 1 maegashira hold on during a edge, and charged behind to force a ozeki off a ring after fixation his conduct resolutely into a ozeki’s chest.

Two sekiwake debutants both had losing starts, Takayasu thrusted down by Mongolian third-ranked maegashira Takanoiwa and Takarafuji removing grappled out by No. 4 rank-and-filer Myogiryu.

In a conflict of makuuchi-division newcomers, 12th-ranked maegashira Chiyoshoma sent 13th-ranked hulk Amakaze sprawling after a Mongolian simply grabbed a front side of his counterpart’s belt before executing a pulling underarm throw.


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