Sumo: Kisenosato seeks 1st championship in Hakuho absence

Ozeki Kisenosato is looking for his fugitive initial championship and another possibility for graduation to a tip arrange of yokozuna, with harmed grand champion Hakuho not station in his approach during a Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament starting Sunday.

Hakuho, who boasts a record 37 championships, is sitting out a whole 15-day tourney during Ryogoku Kokugikan after he was ruled out for 4 weeks with left knee corner disarrangement and injuries also to his right large toe and calf, according to a medical certificate submitted to a Japan Sumo Association.

The growth could infer essential for Kisenosato’s aspirations.

The 30-year-old was streamer for his initial silverware in Mar with 10 true wins before Hakuho kick him and went on to waylay a trophy, and was again thwarted by a Mongolian in May when a 12-day winning run came to a hindrance with a detriment to a also undefeated yokozuna, who this time clinched it with a ideal record.

Kisenosato has nonetheless posted 13-2, 13-2 and 12-3 annals in a final 3 tourneys and is unresolved on for another shot during graduation to yokozuna, for that dual uninterrupted titles or annals equally as good is routinely required.

But prospects for a walkover by Kisenosato, who faltered in his initial dual “tsunatori” attempts in Jul 2013 and Jan 2014 with early waste to lower-ranked opponents, are looking grim.

After blank a early partial of a summer informal debate by a finish of Aug with a right feet injury, Kisenosato on Sept. 2 mislaid all 8 bouts opposite Jul tourney champion Harumafuji before a Yokozuna Deliberation Council.

Harumafuji, who won a prior accommodate in Nagoya with a 13-2 record, is eyeing his initial back-to-back pretension and ninth championship overall.

The Mongolian is set to yield Kisenosato some-more than a plea for a pretension in Tokyo, looking sharp-witted and unruffled in training sessions.

Another Mongolian yokozuna Kakuryu, who withdrew from a Nagoya tourney with reduce behind pain, has been common during best given reaching a prominent arrange in May 2014 with only one pretension in his name given though is also some-more than able of discouraging Kisenosato.

Among ozeki, Goeido has his arrange on a line for a fourth time, with a losing record set to see him demoted to a third-highest arrange of sekiwake, though he has been splendid in a run-up to a arriving meet.

Another “kadoban” ozeki Kotoshogiku, in a parsimonious mark for a sixth time, will be fervent to get a winning record during a beginning opportunity, while Mongolian ozeki Terunofuji is still nursing injuries to both his knees.

New sekiwake Takayasu is struggling with neck pain, though another sekiwake debutant Takarafuji is tuning adult easily after winning 10 bouts in Jul as a No. 2 rank-and-file maegashira.

Making their initial appearances in a chosen makuuchi multiplication are 25-year-olds Amakaze and Chiyoshoma, a former fighting as a No. 13 maegashira after winning a second-tier juryo multiplication in July.

Mongolian Chiyoshoma is a initial new wrestler to enter a tip moody given his former stablemaster Kokonoe, mythological yokozuna Chiyonofuji, upheld divided on Jul 31.


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