Sumo: Kisenosato gets yokozuna graduation bid behind on track

Ozeki Kisenosato got his latest bid for graduation to yokozuna behind on lane with feat over komusubi Tochiozan during a Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday.

Stunned by top-ranked maegashira Okinoumi on a opening day of a 15-day basho on Sunday, Kisenosato set himself adult for a gentle win during Ryogoku Kokugikan, grabbing Tochiozan (1-1) by a throat before shoving him over a straw ridge.

Kisenosato, who gained a magnitude of punish for his better to Tochiozan during a Nagoya tourney in July, is creation his fourth run during graduation to grand champion.

He has been charged by a Yokozuna Deliberation Council with seizing an fugitive initial championship in sequence to finally strech a tip stage of a sumo ladder.

That charge has presumably eased rather in a arise of a injury-enforced withdrawal of Mongolian yokozuna and 37-time pretension leader Hakuho.

In other pivotal bouts, Harumafuji (2-0), who is seeking back-to-back titles after winning a Nagoya meet, got a shock though took out No. 1 maegashira Yoshikaze (1-1) in an bomb encounter.

Fellow Mongolian yokozuna Kakuryu, who missed a infancy of a Nagoya accommodate with reduce behind pain, crashed to a second better during a hands of Okinoumi (2-0).

Also in a top ranks, Kotoshogiku, his arrange on a line for a sixth time, got a second of 8 wins he needs to stay during ozeki for a subsequent contest in Kyushu in November, bundling out second-ranked Georgian maegashira Tochinoshin.

Goeido, another “kadoban” ozeki wanting a winning record, was equally despotic in his hitch opposite Shodai, forcing out a second-ranked maegashira to also make it dual wins out of two.

Hampered by injuries to both knees in new months, Mongolian ozeki Terunofuji picked adult his initial win by toppling Brazilian-born komusubi Kaisei (0-2).

Sekiwake Takayasu prevailed in a slapfest opposite fourth-ranked maegashira Myogiryu to collect adult his initial win on his entrance during sumo’s third-highest rank, though Takarafuji (0-2), another newly promoted sekiwake, was outmuscled by third-ranked maegashira Takanoiwa (2-0).

In progressing bouts, 13th-ranked Amakaze bounced behind from his opening-day better to associate makuuchi-division visitor Chiyoshoma with an oshidashi win over 14th-ranked Endo (1-1).

Twelfth-ranked Chiyoshoma (2-0) kick winless No. 13 maegashira Toyohibiki (0-2) with a pulling overarm throw.


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