Soccer: Japan contingency proceed Thais with caution, says Ghotbi

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14:24 3 Sep 2016

BANGKOK, Sept. 3, Kyodo

Japan contingency proceed Thailand with counsel and be heedful of their cunning strategy in Tuesday’s Group B compare in a final turn of subordinate for a 2018 World Cup, says former Shimizu S-Pulse manager Afshin Ghotbi.

Japan have arrived in Bangkok temperament a romantic scars of a argumentative 2-1 better during home United Arab Emirates on Thursday, while Thailand put adult a dauntless quarrel before succumbing to a late chastisement in a 1-0 better in their organisation opener divided to Saudi Arabia.

Ghotbi, who has knowledge handling in Thailand during Premier League champions Buriram United, also believes Japan’s knowledge in vital general foe will give them a edge, though says Thailand will not be easy to kick on their possess turf.

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