Rugby: Verblitz repress Spears in Top League

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17:15 4 Sep 2016

SAPPORO, Sept. 4, Kyodo

Masakatsu Hikosaka scored a prop of tries as Toyota Verblitz kick Kubota Spears 27-10 in a Top League on Sunday.

Playing during Sapporo’s Tsukisamu Stadium, Verblitz took a early lead on a seventh-minute Takaya Monji penalty, though South African Grant Hattingh pacifist over to finish a well-worked 11th-minute try that put Spears in front.

His countryman Louis Fouche combined a extras and done it 10-3 with a chastisement of his possess in a 26th minute, though Kubota would have small some-more to uncover for their exertions after that.

Tongan No. 8 Taufa Olive crossed a varnish in a 29th notation for Verblitz. In a failing mins of a initial half, a Kubota chastisement set adult a lineout tighten to a try line and Hikosaka scored from a pushing beat that Spears had no answer for.

Continuous vigour from a Verblitz conflict paid off in a 53rd minute, when Silivenusi Taumoepeau simply lonesome a chip over a try line that done it 20-10 after Monji kicked a conversion. A converted 69th-minute try by Hikosaka gathering a final spike in Kubota’s coffin.


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