Rugby: Ogawa’s boot, Toshiba’s invulnerability sees them past Canon

A chastisement flog one notation from time by Takahiro Ogawa helped Toshiba Brave Lupus to their third true Top League win Saturday as they flog Canon Eagles 21-19 during Nissan Stadium.

Ogawa’s right feet might have done all a disproportion on a scoreboard though it was a Toshiba defensive bid that unequivocally hermetic a win — Teppei Tomioka’s group blank only dual tackles.

While gay with his possess team’s defense, Toshiba diversion captain Michael Leitch forked out that Canon’s 23 missed tackles meant a domain of feat should have been some-more however.

“Look during a linebreaks we made. It’s not reflected in a measure and we need to work on a plays after a breaks. We are not finishing them off. Credit to Canon as they hung in there though we shot ourselves in a foot.”

In a end, it was a benches of a group that valid a disproportion with Toshiba’s providing a genuine injection, quite adult front.

“It unequivocally was a 23-man effort,” pronounced Tomioka.

Elsewhere, Yamaha Jubilo, Suntory Sungoliath and Toyota Verblitz all picked adult their third true wins of a new season.

Yamaha powered past Munakata Sanix Blues 43-10, Suntory edged Ricoh Black Rams 23-17, while Verblitz indispensable a try 3 mins after a final hooter from Yuki Kido to flog Honda Heat 32-30.

Panasonic Wild Knights surfaced Kintetsu Liners 32-20 and Kobe Kobelco Steelers downed Coca-Cola Red Sparks 48-7 as both clubs available their second wins, while a late dump idea from Louis Fouche saw Kubota Spears flog Toyota Industries Shuttles 24-22 for their initial feat of a campaign.

In a initial Top League diversion to be played during a track that will horde a final of Rugby World Cup 2019, Toshiba started good with Hisayoshi Matsuoka creation a many of a good mangle by Coenraad outpost Wyk to go over in a fourth minute, Ogawa adding a extras to make it 7-0.

Canon had their chances to get behind in a game, though their steady preference to flog for a dilemma rather than for idea backfired. And they were also incompetent to mangle a Toshiba invulnerability even when Toshiba close Naohiro Kotaki was sent to a impiety bin for collapsing a beat in a 18th minute.

Toshiba could have had a second actor on a disobedient chair a few mins after when Kyosuke Kajikawa’s bootleg purify out during a ruck saw Shohei Toyoshima’s try disallowed following involvement from a TMO.

Referee Kyosuke Toda, however, gave a Toshiba vice-captain a advantage of a doubt.

Canon finally got on a house in a 29th notation with a dump idea from JC Roos. The Canon flyhalf afterwards combined a chastisement only before halftime, mins after Ogawa had kicked one for Toshiba, as a teams went into a mangle with a Brave Lupus heading 10-6.

Roos and Ogawa exchanged serve penalties early in a second half before Canon looked to have wrapped adult a startle win.

Daisuke Kaneko powered over from a line out 5 meters out in a 63rd notation and Ross combined a acclimatisation and a serve chastisement to make it 19-13 with 10 mins to play.

But Toshiba powered behind with Toyoshima removing a try he was denied in a initial half. And nonetheless Ogawa missed a conversion, he some-more than done adult for it 5 mins later.

“The players did their best though Toshiba are a champion team,” pronounced Canon manager Yoji Nagatomo.


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