Rugby: Joseph takes over as Japan boss, says he will do things his way

Jamie Joseph strictly took over as conduct manager of Japan on Monday, holding his initial press discussion in Tokyo and reminding everybody that “I am not Eddie Jones.”

“I will be coaching a opposite diversion devise to Eddie Jones. I’m a opposite manager to Eddie Jones and we consider we know that,” he told a packaged media discussion during a Tokyo hotel.

“You have to acknowledge what he (Jones) has finished and that’s all I’m doing. The ideas we have as a coaching group we feel will emanate an advantage for us and that’s what we are embarking to do. we don’t consider there will be many similarities with what was before.”

In further to coaching a Brave Blossoms, Joseph — who played 20 times for a All Blacks and won 9 caps for Japan — will also manage all aspects of a diversion in Japan.

“When we finish a Nov array we can start meditative about a sum devise around what Japanese rugby looks like as a whole, from a under-20s to Japan A to a Sunwolves and that’s a good challenge. But it’s a new landscape for us in Japan,” he said.

That Nov array of tests sees a Brave Blossoms play 4 countries — Argentina, Georgia, Wales and Fiji — all above Japan in a universe rankings. But Joseph stressed such a tough news was accurately what he wants and what a group needs.

“That was a (scheduling) preference we was partial of. There’s not many coaches that would come into general rugby for a initial time and accept a module that’s going to be really difficult. But what’s some-more critical for me is a growth of a team, rather than my reputation.”

“We are usually going to get improved by personification a top-tier teams and players (to) get that experience. That’s since we entered into Super Rugby with a Sunwolves and continue to demeanour for top-tier antithesis to play in a Nov and Jun window. That’s how we are going to be prepared for a World Cup.”

“If that means that we don’t win mostly in a subsequent 3 years, though win a categorical ones when it depends during a World Cup, afterwards as manager I’m peaceful to do that.”

“But if things do go according to my devise afterwards we should have a few wins along a approach too.”

Joseph’s coaching group will embody former Panasonic Wild Knights favorite Tony Brown, who will work part-time for Japan in 2016-17 and afterwards full-time once he has finished a 2017 Super Rugby deteriorate as conduct manager of a Highlanders.

“He’s played adult here and understands Japanese rugby and he’s a intelligent guy,” Joseph pronounced of his long-time partner during a Highlanders, with whom he won a 2015 Super Rugby title.

Brown’s expertise as an conflict manager has won regard worldwide, and Joseph was carefree a span can come adult with a character of rugby that will see Japan continue to arise adult a universe rankings.

“The Japan group of 2015 were intensely sublime and a really fit side. In terms of round possession, a using diversion and all a appetite and aptness levels, to play during that turn and speed and intensity, that’s a strength of Japanese rugby.”

However, he believes a Brave Blossoms still need to work on their set square and rise a improved kicking game.

“If we master those, afterwards a speed and ability can be used some-more effectively and can be a genuine advantage for us.”

And when asked how he approaching Japan to perform over a entrance years, Joseph replied, “Every group that comes to a World Cup wants to win.”

“Whilst we guys are vehement about me giving we a series where we are going to be, my personal idea is that we are performing, a players are vehement to play a diversion of rugby, we guys are vehement to news on a diversion of rugby and a fans are vehement to watch us since of a character of rugby we play.”

“So if we grasp that and we have honour on a general theatre that’s my goal, that’s my target.”


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