Paralympics: CAS upholds sweeping Russian doping ban

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20:08 23 Aug 2016

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 23, Kyodo

The Court of Arbitration for Sport on Tuesday inspected a International Paralympic Committee’s sweeping anathema on Russian appearance in September’s Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The IPC criminialized a whole Russian group in a arise of a McClaren Report, that documented a Russian state-sponsored doping program. The World Anti-Doping Agency, that consecrated a report, had endorsed a sweeping anathema on Russian athletes to a recently finished Olympic Games in Rio, though a IOC declined to take that step.

While a IOC took a center ground, needing Russian athletes who had been rigorously tested by labs abroad to contest in Rio, a IPC followed WADA’s suggestion. The Russian Paralympic Committee appealed a anathema to a CAS.

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