Osaka restaurant to sell noodle dish model of Tsutenkaku tower

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21:46 27 October 2016

OSAKA, Oct. 27, Kyodo

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Tsutenkaku, a beloved landmark in Osaka, a nearby restaurant has come up with a special menu item — a curry udon noodle dish that is a one-500th model of the 100-meter tower.

The special wheat flour noodle dish is 20 centimeters in height as it uses “chikuwa” tube-like food made of fish paste and Japanese quail eggs to create a miniature tower standing in a bowl of noodles.

The restaurant inside Shin-Imamiya Station of Nankai Electric Railway Co. will offer the dish from the anniversary day on Friday through Nov. 30 for 600 yen ($5).

It will be the priciest — and “tallest” — menu item at the restaurant, according to the operator.

“Please come eat the noodles and taste the feeling of Osaka before going to Tsutenkaku,” Kaori Shigeta, 45, the restaurant’s manager, said when the dish was unveiled to the press on Thursday.

Tsutenkaku, meaning “a tower that reaches the heaven,” opened to the public on Oct. 28, 1956 in the Shinsekai district of Osaka, providing magnificent views of the city from the tower’s observation deck. It also advertises Hitachi Ltd.


  • Osaka restaurant to sell noodle dish model of Tsutenkaku tower
  • Osaka restaurant to sell noodles model of Tsutenkaku tower

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