Olympics: Probe group says payments over Tokyo bid legitimate

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16:37 1 Sep 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 1, Kyodo

An inquisitive row pronounced Thursday a large contracts that Tokyo sealed with a Singaporean consultancy in a bid to horde a 2020 Olympics were not bootleg or opposite a ethics formula of a International Olympic Committee, dismissing allegations that a payments were bribes.

The row of dual lawyers and an accountant set adult by a Japanese Olympic Committee resolved in a news that a contracts value some-more than $2 million that Tokyo’s bid group sealed with Black Tidings before to winning a hosting in Sep 2013 were costly though a group had not dictated a income as a gift.

“I trust a guess of temptation by Tokyo has been cleared,” pronounced counsel Yoshihisa Hayakawa, who chaired a review panel, during a press discussion in Tokyo.

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