Olympics: JOC set to recover news from Black Tidings payments inquiry

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21:02 31 Aug 2016

TOKYO, Aug. 31, Kyodo

The Japanese Olympic Committee pronounced Wednesday it is staid to announce a formula of a third-party review into questionable payments done by a Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee to a comment of Singaporean association Black Tidings evidently for consulting work.

Attorney Yoshihisa Hayakawa, who chaired a review panel, and Kiichiro Matsumaru, a member of a JOC house who celebrated a investigation, will attend a press discussion on Thursday, when a panel’s commentary will be revealed.

The comment that perceived a money, totaling around $2 million has been related to a Papa Massata Diack a son of ashamed former International Association of Athletics Federations arch Lamine Diack. According to a World Anti-Doping Agency, a same comment was used to send supports in a cover of a Russian doping case.

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