Olympics: Japanese medalists demonstrate thanks, wish to stir in 2020

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17:56 24 Aug 2016

TOKYO, Aug. 24, Kyodo

Japanese medalists during a Rio Olympics voiced their appreciation Wednesday to all those who cheered for them during a 17-day Games that came to a tighten Sunday and looked brazen to some-more fad during a 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The 55 athletes, including commission captain Saori Yoshida, collected during a Tokyo hotel for a rite to news their lapse to Japan.

“I’m really unhappy that as captain we was means to conduct usually a china medal, though we am really happy that a Japanese athletes were means to win a record series of medals,” pronounced Yoshida, who suffered a startle better in a women’s freestyle 53-kg final.

The Japanese commission won a record-high 41 medals — 12 golds, 8 silvers and 21 bronze — during a Rio Olympics.

“The series of medals is a outcome of any contestant in each competition fighting with all their competence but giving adult until a finish and of all those people in Japan who cheered for us from late during night to early in a morning,” Yoshida said, referring to a 12-hour time disproportion between Japan and Rio de Janeiro.

“Each of us will continue to work tough so that we will be means to repeat a fad of Rio in Tokyo in 4 year’s time or rather transcend it in terms of a joy, inspirations and support we can offer everyone, so we wish for your continued support,” she added.

The Japanese Olympic Committee pronounced it will reason a corner march featuring a country’s Rio Olympians and Paralympians on Oct. 7.


  • Olympics: Japanese medalists demonstrate thanks, wish to stir in 2020

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