Museum opens in Nara to display Kitora tomb murals

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20:28 24 September 2016

KASHIHARA, Japan, Sept. 24, Kyodo

A museum opened Saturday in the ancient Japanese capital Nara to display murals from the ancient Kitora tomb in the village of Asuka, Nara Prefecture.

About 400 archeology fans selected by lot were the first visitors allowed into the “Kitora Kofun Hekiga Taikenkan Shishin no Yakata” museum opened near the tomb to preserve and exhibit the paintings.

One of the paintings from the late seventh century to early eighth century was discovered inside the tomb in 1983 and others were found later.

Due to the growth of mold since their discovery, the paintings have been removed from the walls of the tomb and undergone repair.

The museum plans to display the paintings of Suzaku (red phoenix), Byakko (white tiger) and signs of the Oriental zodiac until late October.

The other two of the four gods of Chinese mythology — Seiryu (blue dragon), and Gembu (black turtle and snake) — will be displayed from January.


  • Museum opens in Nara to display Kitora tomb murals

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