J-Power postpones devise to start Oma chief plant operation to FY 2024

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15:32 9 Sep 2016

AOMORI, Japan, Sept. 9, Kyodo

Electric Power Development Co. pronounced Friday that it has motionless to postpone a devise to start handling a Oma chief energy plant by around dual years to mercantile 2024 due to longer-than-expected reserve screening by a chief regulatory body.

The company, famous as J-Power, has behind a report for a second time after it practical for a reserve check of a plant, that would be a world’s initial reactor to run only on plutonium-uranium churned oxide fuel, in Dec 2014, with an initial devise directed during starting operation in mercantile 2021.

But it put off a strange report in Sep final year to around mercantile 2022 due to a enlarged screening routine by a Nuclear Regulation Authority after a association was asked to yield serve explanations of a devise to build a plant in Aomori Prefecture.

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