Football corruption scandal: Premier League manager bribes claim a lie

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I lied about manager bribes – agent

The agent at the centre of English football’s corruption scandal says his claim eight current and ex-Premier League managers took bribes was a lie.

Pino Pagliara was one of three agents filmed by the Daily Telegraph seemingly making accusations over transfers.

The Italian told BBC sports editor Dan Roan he wanted to “impress” businessmen and secure a lucrative contract.

“I allowed them to believe the managers would not drop the money on the floor if I gave it to them,” he said.

In the interview, Pagliara also claimed that:

  • “Lots” of corruption goes on in the English game;
  • He has never made an illegal payment to any football official;
  • His life has been “ruined” by the “disgraceful” sting.

A Telegraph statement said: “Our investigations team had numerous meetings and telephone conversations with Mr Pagliara over many months.

“The transcripts of our investigation, which are currently being prepared for the police and the FA, make it very clear what he said about a series of Premier League managers.”

More to follow.

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