FEATURE: Japan’s iconic rise increases the interest among foreigners

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14:05 24 Aug 2016

By Takafumi Sukegawa
NAGANO, Japan, Aug. 24, Kyodo

Mt. Fuji is increasingly apropos a renouned end for unfamiliar tourists amid a record-breaking series of people visiting Japan from abroad.

The 3,776-meter volcano, that straddles Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures west of Tokyo, was combined to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2013 as an “object of worship” and “wellspring of art.”

Some 200,000 people stand Mt. Fuji any year around a Yoshida Trail that leads to a limit of a tallest towering in Japan from a north side in Yamanashi. Foreign visitors comment for some 30 percent of those trekkers on weekdays and 20 percent on weekends, according to an Environment Ministry consult conducted in Aug final year.

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  • Japan's iconic rise increases a interest among foreigners

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