Fancy Bears change tack with Usada email leak

Serena Williams, Laura Trott and Mo Farah

Wimbledon champion Serena Williams and Olympic gold medallists Laura Kenny and Mo Farah have all had medical records leaked by Fancy Bears

Cyber-espionage team Fancy Bears have released emails they allege show US sports officials “covering up” doping.

The hackers have previously leaked medical records belonging to some of the world’s biggest sports stars.

The stolen US Anti-Doping Agency emails appear to detail athletes who have been given permission to take banned substances to treat medical conditions.

Athletes can apply for a therapeutic use exemption, or TUE, to use otherwise banned drugs for medical reasons.

The emails, which Fancy Bears say were sent by Usada officials, document which athletes have been allowed a TUE, and which substances they were allowed to take.

The leaks have been criticised by anti-doping officials and sports bodies, who say the TUE system is an accepted part of sport which is strictly governed.

However, critics have said the leaks have raise important questions about the widespread use of TUEs and whether they should be allowed in sport.

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