Experts to review safety assessment of new Tokyo fish market

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15:40 17 September 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 17, Kyodo

A panel of experts on soil contamination countermeasures at the planned new fish market in Tokyo’s Toyosu waterfront area said Saturday they will review whether the facility is safe, as it does not have a sufficient soil base for pollution prevention as intended under the initial plan.

“As the precondition that a soil base should be created beneath the buildings has changed, we will assess the current situation and reassess safety,” Tatemasa Hirata, head of the Open University of Japan’s Wakayama branch, who chaired the panel, told reporters at the metropolitan government office.

Concerns about soil contamination have put off the plan to move the aging Tsukiji market, which opened in 1935 in the Japanese capital’s Chuo Ward to the new site in Koto Ward, as the new site sits on land where Tokyo Gas Co. used to operate a gas production plant.

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  • Experts to review safety assessment of new Tokyo fish market

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