Ex-actor Takachi given suspended term for drug use

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15:52 15 September 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 15, Kyodo

A Tokyo court sentenced former actor Noboru Takachi on Thursday to two years in prison, suspended for four years, for possessing and using illegal drugs.

Along with the 51-year-old Takachi, whose real name is Joji Osaki, the Tokyo District Court handed down the same sentence to 34-year-old bar hostess Atsuko Isokawa, who was with him in a love hotel in Yokohama, near Tokyo, when the two were arrested in late June.

After the incident, Takachi was divorced from actress Reiko Takashima in August.

Presiding Judge Masahito Murohashi said in handing down the ruling, “Although both defendants are addicts and have a dependency (to stimulant drugs), they have honestly accepted their crimes and pledged not to repeat.”

According to the ruling, Takachi and Isokawa were using stimulant drugs and possessed 4 grams of the drugs in the hotel room on June 24.

Takachi also possessed 1.3 grams of marijuana, while Isokawa possessed 1.9 grams of stimulant drugs at her home in Yokohama, the ruling said.

“I started using drugs out of curiosity,” the actor said when he pleaded guilty during the first hearing of the trial Aug. 31.

“All I can say is that I’m extremely sorry,” he said at the time as he expressed his feeling about his former wife Takashima.


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