Ennis-Hill ‘so happy’ to get 2011 Worlds gold

Chernova and Ennis

Tatyana Chernova (left) celebrates winning World Championship gold at Daegu in 2011

Britain’s Jessica Ennis-Hill is “so happy” she will be awarded her third World Championship heptathlon gold medal, after Tatyana Chernova was stripped of the 2011 title.

Russia’s Chernova, 28, who won gold ahead of Ennis-Hill, has had her results annulled for doping.

Ennis-Hill, 30, wrote on Instagram: “Triple world champion. Wow!”

Chernova was banned in 2015 for two years for doping, and stripped of two years of results, up to 14 August 2011.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) now says she must forfeit the world title she won two weeks later.

It comes after an analysis of her biological passport, dating back to 2009.

announced her retirement from athletics in October.

Germany’s Jennifer Oeser, who won bronze in 2011, is set to be promoted to silver, with Poland’s Karolina Tyminska in line to take the bronze.

Lithuania’s Austra Skujyte is set to be given the Olympic bronze from 2012, having finished fourth behind third-placed Chernova. Ennis-Hill won gold.

Meanwhile, Russian middle-distance runners Ekaterina Sharmina and Kristina Ugarova have also been sanctioned after their cases were taken to Cas by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Ugarova was named in an independent World Anti-Doping Agency report last November which called for Russian athletes to be banned, but threatened legal action to clear her name.

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