Ched Evans rape trial: Footballer ‘would not hurt a girl’

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Footballer Ched Evans has told a court he would not “hurt a girl” at his retrial for rape.

The Chesterfield forward denies raping a 19-year-old at a Premier Inn in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, on 30 May 2011 and insists it was consensual sex.

Mr Evans, 27, was found guilty of rape at Caernarfon Crown Court in 2012, but his conviction was quashed in April.

He told Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday there was “nothing sinister” in what he did.

The court heard the woman returned to the hotel with Mr Evans’ friend and fellow footballer Clayton McDonald after meeting him at Rhyl’s Zu Bar.

Mr McDonald, 27, previously of Manchester City and Port Vale but now at non-league Redditch United, was cleared of rape at the original trial.

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Mr Evans told the court on Tuesday he found the remark he made to police about women liking footballers because they were rich “cringe worthy”.

“At the time I was explaining to the officers, I was not expecting it to be read out in court. I don’t think footballers are entitled to anything,” he said.

Mr Evans – who started his career at Manchester City – insists the complainant agreed to let him “join in” while she was having sex with Mr McDonald in the hotel room and denied trying to hide his face from CCTV cameras as he left.

Prosecutor Simon Medland QC said: “You came out of that fire door and deliberately tucked your head down… You’ve got your head down so you would not be looking at the camera. What would you say to that?”

“I would say you were wrong,” he replied.

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Ched Evans was playing for Sheffield United at the time of his arrest

Mr Evans was asked why he decided to enter the room after getting a key from reception.

“I was just being childish,” he said. “There was nothing more sinister than that.”

The court heard the lights were out when he went in.

Mr Medland said: “I’m going to suggest that she did not even know it was you [having sex with her].”

“She did know it was me,” Mr Evans replied. “I would not hurt a girl, I would not do anything to harm a girl.”

He told jurors he would not have performed a sex act on the woman had she not asked him to, but accepted he never spoke to her.

“It was a moment that we were all caught up in. It was not the right time for a conversation,” he said.

Mr Evans’ half-brother, Ryan Roberts, 23, a secondary school maths teacher, told the court he, the striker and their friend, Jack Higgins, got a taxi to the Premier Inn in the early hours of 30 May 2011.

He and Mr Higgins looked through the windows of the hotel while Mr Evans went inside, filming some of what they saw on a phone.

He said at one point, Mr Evans “put his finger up to say be quiet”, but he did not see him having sex with the complainant.

The trial continues.

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