Boxing: Inoue defends WBO superfly pretension with TKO

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21:41 4 Sep 2016

ZAMA, Japan, Sept. 4, Kyodo

Naoya Inoue successfully shielded his WBO super flyweight championship for a third time on Sunday when he degraded Thailand’s Petchbarngborn Kokietgym by technical knockout in a 10th round.

Inoue offering a solemn comment of a quarrel in that he did small for several rounds though examine and exam his opponent.

“This was a turn I’m during currently and we am contemptible for that,” pronounced a 23-year-old Inoue, who softened to 11-0 with 9 wins by knockout.

“Determination got me a knockout in a finish though a routine heading adult to it was no good whatsoever, we can’t be articulate about carrying large fights. we usually have to keep practicing.”

Petchbarngborn, a top-ranked challenger, was means to warn Inoue with flurries of punches, though a Japanese warrior did a many repairs when a dual went toe to toe. A outrageous right early on landed flush on a Thai’s left impertinence and non-stop a cut that never closed.

Although Inoue had several annoying lapses when he incited divided from his competition usually to be struck repeatedly, a Thai was incompetent to do any repairs unless he came in close, when he got a misfortune of it.

By a 10th round, it became transparent a Thai would have to lift something out of his shawl and became most some-more aggressive. When Karoon non-stop adult to attack, Inoue regularly battered a left side of his face until he forsaken and a arbitrate stopped a fight.

The 31-year-old Petchbarngborn’s record fell to 38-9 with one draw.

Hideyuki Ohashi, a authority of Inoue’s Ohashi Gym, pronounced that Sunday’s quarrel forked out some areas that need to be addressed though that he is eying a compare with WBC flyweight champ Roman Gonzalez.

“Roman Gonzalez will have a hitch in a United States on Sept. 10, and we’ll go to watch him in action,” Ohashi said. “There we’ll enter into negotiations for a bout.”


  • Japan's Inoue defends WBO super flyweight title

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