ANALYSIS: Abe-Xi assembly seems to be a box of de javu all over again

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00:05 6 Sep 2016

By Takuya Karube
HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 5, Kyodo

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, a initial in scarcely a year and a half, seemed like de javu all over again.

The dual leaders’ assembly Monday in a Chinese city of Hangzhou, hold after a two-day limit of a Group of 20 vital economies, took place underneath resources identical to those in 2014, including renewed tensions over a Senkaku Islands that Japan controls though China claims.

The outcome of their half-hour review incited out to be mostly a replay of what they reliable when they finally hold their initial face-to-face talks in Nov of that year in Beijing, only forward of a Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

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