Abe to representation mercantile support for Russia in bid for isles quarrel progress

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11:02 1 Sep 2016

TOKYO, Sept. 1, Kyodo

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will reason talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday anticipating that a oath of Japanese mercantile team-work will inspire a Kremlin to allege decades-old talks to solve a territorial brawl and pointer a post-World War II assent treaty.

In a Russian Far East pier city of Vladivostok, Abe is set to plead with Putin an eight-point Japanese mercantile team-work proposal, seeking to emanate an sourroundings to comprehend a revisit by Putin to Japan by a finish of this year.

Abe has also motionless to settle a ministerial post overseeing mercantile team-work with Russia and shortly indoctrinate Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Hiroshige Seko to parallel take adult a new portfolio, a supervision source pronounced Thursday.

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